The alternative to Citrix / TS / RDS

TSplus for Windows

TSplus is the cost-effective and alternative solution for implementing MS Terminal Server & Citrix functionality on any Windows system.

The security suite for your server

TSplus Advanced Security

TSplus Advanced Security (aka RDS Knight) is the administrative tool for effective defence against cyber attacks of any kind.

The TSplus App for Smartphone & Tablets

TSplus Web-App

This app is free available for Desktop /Android /Linux or iOS. Multi-server access with only one app!

Two factor authentication for TSplus

2FA Add on for TSplus

The TSplus 2FA is a security feature where two different features are used for identification

Server Monitoring Add on

Server Monitoring

Server Genius helps you to optimize your resources, analyze server processes and reduce costs.

Setup connection Client

Connection RDP Client

Copy the tool to the client PC and start it there once to generate an executable TSplus RDP Client.