TSplus with 2 FA Add-on

Two factor authentication

Please note that the use of the 2FA feature in connection with TSplus is only possible in web-based mode, i.e. HTML5. All RDP accesses will be blocked.

General information

The Two-factor authentication provides an additional layer of security and prevents access to your users' session even if someone knows their password. To achieve this, a combination of two different factors is used:

1) a smartphone as a token, i.e. "something that the user owns".
2) an authentication code of the corresponding app on the smartphone

Each time a user logs into his remote session, he needs his password and a verification code that is available from his mobile phone.

The Two-Factor Authentication is only available for TSplus-HTML5 access This authentication mode does not support other login modes such as RDP. RDP connections for 2FA active users are rejected and blocked.

2FA Activation

Follow the steps below to activate the 2FA for your TSplus server If your TSplus is configured to use multiple servers, perform this task on the TSplus server known as the Single Point of Entry for users or with the reverse proxy role.

1) Open the 2FA administration. The 2FA status and the license status will be displayed.

Add user to 2FA

Here you add or remove the users you intend to use the 2FA from the service.

2FA Compatible service providers

The 2FA works with the following platforms:

Please use the respective app documentation for further details on how to set up and use the respective app on your device (smartphone).

Login to TSplus Server via 2FA

After entering the web login page of the TSplus server, the first time a user who has been assigned the 2FA authentication is logged in, after entering the username & password, the app will ask you to verify it with the displayed QR Code.