SERVER GENIUS Server Monitoring Tool

Server monitoring made easy

Server Genius collects all the key performance data of your servers and applications in a single location so you can manage your network infrastructure accordingly. All you need is a web browser!

  • 60 seconds installation guarantee
  • No complex report designs
  • no long induction
    „what you see is what you get (WYSIWYG)“

Detailed information

You can examine and correlate data metrics with performance visualization and address specific problems. Server Genius shows which servers, applications and users are the most important consumers in various resource usage categories (including CPU, memory, disk and I/O, connection time) on remote desktop services.

Server Genius helps you to optimize your software resources and reduce unnecessary costs

Preventing system failures

Every hour of website downtime can result in hundreds of lost customers. Server Genius helps anticipate and prevent downtime by providing real-time information. With Server Genius, you get real-time reports on the health, availability, performance, and responses of your website.

You have access to useful statistics to improve the reliability and stability of your website.

Server Genius facilitates production management

With Server Genius, you can easily check who is doing what and when on your servers. Server Genius can be used to track user activity and application usage over time. See how your employees behave in their remote sessions and optimize your resources according to their actual needs.

Server Genius presents all collected data about your RDS servers, websites and remote sessions in simple and user-friendly waterfall reports.

Get a complete view of your network and know when or why you are expanding your IT resources, without having to go into technical details.

Real-time monitoring and alerting

Server Genius prevents system downtime by sending pre-defined or custom web and email notifications for each event defined as a risk by the administrator. You can set a number of significant thresholds that proactively help you keep your servers up and running. Isolate causes to repair dramatic damage before it happens!

In addition, the integrated web interface allows 24-hour access to reports from any device (compatible with Windows, Android, Mac OS/iOS...).

With its alert system, Server Genius saves you a lot of time and money: you can fix problems before users complain, allowing you to focus on business rather than tracking down problems.